Client Testimonials

“Mr. Robes not only helped me to get the settlement I deserved, but was able to achieve it in an efficient amount of time! My calls were always returned quickly and emails were responded to within hours! I would defiantly highly recommend this law firm!”
– Sabrina

“Tom Robes fights hard to ensure justice for his clients! He makes you feel comfortable and keeps you informed on the status of your case. He is my “go to” Personal Injury attorney!”
– Anna

“I have used Thomas Robes to represent me on two separate occasions. In both cases, Mr. Robes has been extremely professional, thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. He has gotten me the best resolution possible for my cases and has made sure that I fully understand everything.”
– Meghan

“I highly recommend this firm and all the professionals working there. Tom and Ronnie helped our family get a more than fair settlement with the insurance company following an accident where my wife’s car was totaled. Everyone was very responsive and knowledgeable. I hope to never need them in the future but I know who to call if I do need legal assistance.”
– Tony

“We are very grateful to Mr. Robes and Mr. Bogani for their help in settling our automobile accident case. They were very responsive and we have full trust and confidence in their advice. Additionally, their team was very helpful and we’re always happy to answer our questions and concerns.”
– Melissa

“You can tell Bogani and Robes truly care about their clients. They keep you informed on the status of your case, and go the distance to fight on your behalf. I would NEVER use another Personal Injury firm, and neither should you!”
– AnnaMarie

“What a talented, sharp team of attorneys! As a peer, I can highly recommend them for any injury case – the minute you speak to them, their knowledge base and commitment to their clients is quite clear. If you don’t know who you would call after an accident, theirs would be a good phone number to save, just in case.”
– Yvonne

“The best in town. Beautiful office and great services. Very friendly and honest. I would recommend to all my friends and family. I have been working with this company and using their services for 4 years now. Thank you Mrs. Silvia for recommending me.”
– Jay

“Mr. Robes and Mr. Bogani redefine how I look at personal injury attorneys. I have had some legal issues to contend with, and they both provided valuable insight and helped resolve my issues with minimal stress and angst. I would refer any one I know to Bogani and Robes that is dealing with an accident or injury. You can trust that they will be honest and truly helpful.”
– Jamie

“Mr. Bogani represented me as I was involved in an accident. He is professional, caring, and kind. He makes you feel like family and goes the extra mile to keep you updated with the latest going on in your case. His team members are highly educated and always there to help and answer your questions. If you are looking for an excellent, highly qualified, and superior lawyer, Mr. Bogani is the right choice.”

“I was fortunate Mr. Bogani handled my case following a recent car accident. He is a personable lawyer, with a hands-on, tireless work ethic. He kept in touch often updating me with the progress of the case so I always knew of developments. More importantly he would take the time to check in to ask how I was doing medically. He genuinely cares about his client’s well-being and made sure I knew how to reach him directly if I had questions or needed anything at all. Mr. Bogani leaves no stone unturned when it comes to settling a case for his clients. I would highly recommend him as a trusted legal advocate who has a caring heart.”
– Jennifer

“As a passenger in an auto accident, we began receiving medical bills not covered by insurance and that would have placed my family in financial default. After asking family and friends for advice, Mr. Bogani was mentioned. He and his team took control of EVERY aspect, including contacting doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, ambulance, specialists and therapy centers to reduce and/or defer piles of bills from going into collections. He also took time to personally call with any additional updates, questions or information that was needed. All we did was follow up with doctor visits and submit any new bills that arrived. In my particular case, I did not have to pay anything towards those bills. Mr. Bogani was a lifesaver for my family.”
– Tony

“Dealing with Mr. Bogani has been a wonderful experience. He took a bad time in my life & helped me turn it around — making sure I was covered for any future issues. He went above and beyond being available at all hours to fit my schedule without any hesitation. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bogani to anyone looking for a caring, compassionate, competent attorney who has their best interest at heart & in mind.”
– Kathy