ProBill is one of the nation's largest implementer, trainer and value-added reseller of legal specific solutions. Law firms depend on ProBill to provide options to purchase their legal technology solution. An alternative way of purchasing a solution for a law firm's technology needs can be achieved through financing the law firm's technology investment with a lease to purchase option provided by ProBill Law Firm Solutions, as administered by Baytree Leasing. The technology project costs through ProBill can include the costs for hardware, software, installation, training, conversion, etc. Additionally, financing through ProBill allows for a rapid credit response time, add-on and/or upgrade provisions and consolidated billing.

Only some of the benefits of leasing your firm's solution with ProBill include:

  • Effective use of an asset
  • Fixed Payments
  • Preserve existing credit lines
  • Protection from Obsolescence
  • Generally No Down payment
  • 100% Financing
  • Easier than bank loans
  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexibility
  • Options for purchase or renewal
  • Conservation of Capital
  • User Friendly Lease Documentation
  • Easier Cash Flow Forecasting
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Tax benefits
  • Additional Lines of Credit
At ProBill we are always exploring new and innovative ways to help facilitate law firms acquisitions of legal technology solution. Our lease plans allow law firms to secure financing for their technology solution with minimal effort and time.

To download an lease application please click ProBill Lease PDF or call your ProBill representative at 800.299.9177.